A Lesson on Gratitude


I am blessed that my meaning of gratitude deepens everyday.

Sitting across from me at the dinner table was my 4 year old blooming with excitement as her mouth was full with sushi taking her chopsticks getting ready to add 2 more pieces to her already full bowl. 

I said quickly and sharply “No Layla, eat what is in your bowl before you get more.  Only take what you can handle.”

Woah.  My subconscious popped out in the moment as a brief revelation sent by the universe.  

Only take what you can handle. Those words burning through my skull becoming imprinted forever as a paradigm shift.

How patient is the Lord I thought.  

Our impatient world longing for something more when we haven’t finished what we have on our plate.

See God knows when the food that just came out the oven is too hot.  He knows it’ll burn you.  You may think you’re ready to eat but Lord knows it’s not ready for us yet. 

We’re not ready yet. Even then so we may try to bite off more than we can chew but the universe is all knowing of our appetite.

I ask it for a fuller plate of abundance… “Hey while you’re there can you slab on some blessings with a sprinkle of miracles and send that my way.”

My first thought as a mother when I see an unfinished meal “but aren’t you grateful?”

So my love to you I say…finish your meal in gratitude because your next one is coming when you’re ready. Just wait.

10 Ways to Sharpen Your Memory


It’s a pretty scary thing when the memory starts to go.
“Where are my keys?” Doesn’t compare to saying “Who are you?,” to your children.  These natural ways to care for the brain will help you whether it’s small memory loss, dementia, or alzheimers.

1. Eat the good fats

Nuts, seeds, fish, avocados are vital essential fatty acids to aid memory.  EFAs are number one in cognitive stability & enhancement.    In this process it’s a big deal to eliminate Trans fats & saturated fats. Coconut Oil is a superfood when it comes to healthy fats and shows great promise in maintaining a strong mind.

2. Tumeric


Ayurvedic medicine is definitely on to something with their constant prescriptions of spices.   Tumeric is a pretty popular suggestion in eastern medicine.  It’s benefits against diabetes, inflammation are endless but it doesn’t stop there; evidence shows tumeric really eases the symptoms of memory loss.

3. Saffron


Another big deal in Ayurvedic medicine.  A delicious spice that is huge in the Middle East and making it’s way around the world. When you take saffron it actually helps boost memory.

4. B Vitamins


B12(Cobalamin) being most crucial in my opinion in the fight against neurological diseases decreasing depression & brain shrinkage. A great source is Maca Root Powder. I personally throw it in my smoothies.
B1(Thiamin) is a neurotransmitter vitamin that cares for enzyme reactions, nerve & muscle function.  B6(Pyridoxine) cares for the nervous system & lifts serotonin levels. Depression is a big battle for anyone with a cognitive ailment so focusing on these vitamins can make a big impact.

5. Rosemary

Watch these videos to learn the benefits of Rosemary.

6. Exercising the brain

Reading helps with dysphasia(not being able to find the right word).   Other brain exercises like playing chess & other board games help. Practicing memory games daily is vital but focus on learning new things.  The more you learn the more you will continue to learn.  A symptom of dementia is not being able to retain new knowledge.

7. Acetyl-L-carnitine (ALCAR)

This popular amino acid is known in the fitness world for increasing energy & metabolism. In the holistic world it’s recognized for it’s ability to improve memory, make you feel happier, and helps concentration. It also reduces free radicals.

8. Working-out & Staying Hydrated

Being obese does increase the chances of Alzheimers & Dementia. So staying active is pretty important. Also drinking water! Dehydration is a serious brain killer.  Everyone always thinks that 8 glasses of water is enough. I have clients that need to be drinking about 15 cups which was indicated by their body mass index calculation. So it is important that we go ahead and we make sure we know how much water we are actually supposed to be drinking.

Another important thing to do is stay active things like Tai Chi and yoga are really great in helping blood flow to the brain. Otherwise going to the gym and having a regular routine or even just getting out for a walk every day is major because the more blood flowing to your brain the better your mind will be.

9.  Meditation

Evidence shows meditation can actually mold the brain. Watch these videos to learn how:

10. Eliminate Free Radicals

This means eliminating metals in the body.  If you have mercury fillings seeing a holistic dentist will aid in an action plan.  If you are a meat eater or fish eater chances are you do have high mercury levels in your blood so the best thing to do is detox, detox, detox! What you go ahead and do is get a hair strand test and the sample can actually indicate how much mercury is really running around in your body. A great way to get rid of mercury in the body is spirulina, chlorella and other algaes.

How To Optimize Your Creativity With The Moon!


I love painting, reading, studying, writing and working out.  How on earth do I balance my hobbies?  I found the best way to make it work for myself and it’s changed my life.

Do you have trouble finding the time for your pleasures?

I found myself with writers block and I couldn’t understand why some days I was able to read books without a break and other days I couldn’t handle thinking. Some days I was able to paint non stop other days I couldn’t. I also found myself able to meditate but not able to focus anywhere else so I couldn’t get work done. I found myself in a very reflective state over and over again.  I felt frustrated with my personal growth.

How on earth could I find the energy to live out all of my passions?

I had to find out what was going on with me. What really got me was I noticed when I would write my moon affirmations on the Full Moon I’d be energized and the New Moon I’d be completely exhausted.

Every single time for about 7 months this pattern kept happening.  New moons my daughters naturally fall right asleep but full moons they are up all night.

It was eerie & I was suspicious of nature.

The crazy thing was I was finding certain times in between these lunar events that I could exercise. I was out there and felt energized.  My body was more receptive.  I was at my peak and then as soon as that phase started to change I had to rest and just focus my self on studying and picking up books.  It was a desire for knowledge brewing in me.

I know I’m not alone; sometimes you find yourself too mentally exhausted for your hobbies but amped for others.

The hard part for me was accepting that my creative side had to rest. I admire people who are constantly creating all the time and this is where I wanted to be but then I found myself having to really stop and say no this doesn’t work for me.

 I can’t constantly go and pour out my energy.  I need to stop explore, research, meditate, and practice.

As a mother it’s a blessing disguised as a challenge; it’s about finding the time to do these things. So I found an amazing way to truly cultivate creativeness and to really master who I am in my entirety.

I started to realize that according my life to certain phases of the moon I could really master my craft.  It was about following the laws of creative nature.  I could do everything that I’ve been trying to squeeze into one day within this schedule following the moon.

Here’s what I do to optimize my creativity to follow the moon. It can actually alter your state of being. I’m not joking there is actual science to this theory. The moon moves & controls the tides so us as human beings are practically 80% water! It’s absolutely incredible to note we are affected.  If you read about this you will see other factors take place as well.

So guess what? The moon controls you too. This is a powerful way to really tap into your higher self.


My personal practice goes as follows *(Also where my hobbies fit in):

New Moon:(I Read)On the New Moon I write my intentions and what I want in this cycle. By cycle I mean the lunar cycle. First step into the lunar cycle is the beginning of the Inspirational Quarter. This is when you have the new moon leading towards the first quarter this is the time where I can sit down and read. I pick out new books and study like crazy. It’s very important to take this time to rest and become inspired. It’s also a powerful time to focus on your aspirations.
First Quarter:(I Paint) Next step is the Creative Action Quarter this is going from the First Quarter to the Full Moon what I do is I focus on my craft.  As a writer this is when I can really get my work done. The energy starts to rise close to the Full Moon. That means that the work that we put in at this time is going to be creative, natural, full of energy and life.
Full Moon:(I Write) The next stop is the Full Moon leading towards the Last Quarter this is the time of Manifestation. During the Full Moon I write my gratitude and the things that I need to let go of.  So if you have intentions from the New Moon that aren’t really serving you and not resonating with you this is the perfect time to go ahead and release it.

Now like I said from the Full Moon to the Last Quarter we will be in the Manifestation Quarter so what we intended to keep and we showed our gratitude for this is where the blessings come in. This is where you nurture your blessings & intentions.

Last Quarter: (I Work-Out)For the last part of the lunar cycle we have the Last Quarter to the New Moon that is the Transformational Quarter. This is where we make our brutal changes. If you are a person that is addicted to fitness like I am this is the time you go hard in the gym and you really just focus on your health.  Finding a new fitness regime to explore would be great at this time.  This in no way means work out one week a month.  I support everyday fitness but this is the time your body will be more susceptible to change.  It’s a great time to focus on reaching your highest-self, cutting out the clutter, and kicking the bad habits.

Check out these other practices:



The Power Series: Law of Compensation


Abundance is my birth right.  It’s also yours.

I get a kick out of telling people my goals.  They can’t fathom my reach it seems so impossible.  That multi-million dollar home,  with a room for all my children, my parents, and other extended family.  The luxury vehicle I plan on driving my kids around in.   My goals reach farther than material and that’s when people with limiting beliefs really get uncomfortable.

I mean I get it.   It must sound arrogant of me to say I wake up every morning asking God to do his work through me then to want what people call “worldly” things.

Well, it may be the self entitled millenial in me but I strongly believe many of us grew up on the mentality that being rich is a bad thing.  When I think of the universe compensating me I imagine how much service I can provide to the world.  How many starving I can feed, how many I can help access clean drinking water, or how many people I can gurantee sustainable jobs.

This is where I see abundance.  A way to spread the wealth. 

We live in a world where the thick skinned and hardened choose to focus on the negative but I live in a paradigm shift where I manage to live in a place where I see blessings in every moment and that there are still incredibly beautiful things happening in the world.

Rather than focusing on the crime rate going up.  I praise the intelligence in the innocence of my children.  Rather than focusing on the lowest of frequencies I say every morning “I deserve a wonderful prosperous life.”



4 Easy Nutrition Tips For Expectant Moms


Where are you getting your pregnancy advice? !

There is a world of information out there but it’s about finding what works for you. It’s also about finding what won’t harm you and your baby. I have a friend that was suggested prenatal vitamins that were actually on recall which led to her child being born very sick and she was sick throughout her entire pregnancy. It’s vital that you take the proper steps to do the research instead of just listening to word of mouth and also making sure your doctor, midwife or doula has a solid background in obstetrics, midwifery or gynaecology.

So what vitamins should you take?

When you’re pregnant the last thing you want to do is choke on a pill.  So it annoys me when most doctors are always suggesting these huge horse sized pills of multi-vitamins for pregnant women. When really sometimes multi-vitamins contain ingredients that aren’t beneficial.  Seriously?  Ya, seriously I dare you to take your vitamins to a naturopathic doctor or herbalist and see if one of those 15-30 ingredients isn’t actually healthy.

I’ve been pregnant a few times, the first few weren’t successful due to an extremely damaged adrenal gland but when I made some changes I came out with two beautiful baby girls(who are not babies anymore). Not only that I also had extremely healthy births. As an added bonus in my 2 years of practice most of my clients were beautiful expectant mothers. These steps are how I got the best results with myself and my clients.

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Here’s 5 Ways We Beat Food Waste


Food waste is such a huge topic right now.  Only because it’s a huge freakin’ problem.  So much food goes to waste everyday that France stepped up and banned grocery stores from tossing out food with the solution of giving it to the homeless.  Which is just awesome!

My family though not a huge country is part of the problem here in Canada.  We waste food(and money) like crazy.  So I’ve come up with solutions we’re taking to not waste anymore!

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How I Cured My Daughter’s Eczema!


So when your baby gets rashes and is scratching to the point it’s a full out horror show you call the who? The doctor!

I called telehealth (an amazing health line in Ontario that connects you to a nurse)  they said get her a doctor. I did a house call because with my little one my paranoia is on high alert so I don’t like taking her to the clinic.

The doctor was aged gracefully but not very lethargic this to me means he’s a serious doctor.  The elderly doctors always know best and I’m not kidding.  Well he confirmed my fears that it was indeed eczema and suggested cortisone which is swell and all but it’s an intense steroid, especially for a baby!

After too much use and who knows how much is too much your skin thins and for my golden skin baby that means lightening of pigment.  After using it a few times I saw no change in the eczema.

So as a holistic nutritionist I always seek doctors aid first then when that route doesn’t work chances are the problem must be something a doctor not trained in nutrition can solve.

I started a deep study in my books on eczema.  Finding out it’s sometimes a symptom of a food allergy!!!  I had to narrow down what she eats which at that time she didn’t have much variety she was only 14 months old.

I found it was occurring once she started eating baked goods.  My books said it could be an allergy to one of two things gluten or eggs!!!  Forbid both.

I gave her a cracker that contained gluten and no reaction. Then I gave her a gluten free muffin I made myself that contained none other than our culprit eggs!

Once we found out it was eggs I had to prepare this dramatic life change.  Her life without eggs.  Yes it sounds over the top but guess what EGGS ARE IN EVERYTHING!

If the ingredients don’t say egg there are over 30 different ingredients that have egg.

Just check out Kids with Food Allergies’ page about egg allergy!!!

How did I help her rashes? My favourite raw yellow shea butter was a miracle remedy. Now if your child has nut allergies or is very little do a small patch test first before use. After I eliminated eggs the rashes seized. They only come back if she sneaks a treat in but the shea butter is an instant relief.

Do you or your little ones have eczema? Have you guys been tested for food allergies?

Stay tuned with us as we are going to dig deeper into unexpected allergies.


A Letter for the Budding Artist

Art teaches impermanence.

“To be creative means to be in love with life. You can be creative only if you love life enough that you want to enhance its beauty, you want to bring a little more music to it, a little more poetry to it, a little more dance to it.” -Osho

It’s incredible how creativity begins to flow through you once you draw the first line, write the first words, or the first melody.

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The Power Series: Law of Polarity


I had 2 babies crying, pots steaming with food, a singing canary, and the Arthur theme song blasting feeling sorry for myself.

But wait. When I realized I’m rooting this frustration deep into the pit of me I had an epiphany why not enjoy the moment?

This trajectory is universal.

Living in Canadian winters where people are miserable because it’s cold. The extreme sudden change in weather comfort translated in their minds discomfort rather than new sensation. In return of seeking enjoyment in the current situation they shake & say “I don’t like cold.” Kind of like a baby that either cries or laughs at any new sensation.

I found myself one winter saying “Why not like the cold? Okay I like the cold.” My paradigm shifted and I was no longer miserable in the cold. I wasn’t bothered because I changed my mind.

The polarity of the situation flipped.

That is the beauty of this law. When you realize mind is over matter.

Understanding that even if our circumstances can not change but the way we think about them can.

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