Our Story

Panacea-café was born from the dream of two expat coffee enthusiasts who wanted to move a product towards a more equitable and sustainable industry while sharing their common passion with the world.

In this spirit, we source our beans from professional and dedicated artisan farmers, working closely with them to showcase their hard work. We undergo a rigorous selection process for the best Panamanian coffees to offer an exceptional experience to as many people as possible. By carefully roasting each batch and combining our European roasting knowledge with that of Panamanian artisans, we create a unique flavor profile.

The Pacamara coffee variety is a hybrid of PACAS and MARAGOGYPE and is identifiable by its abnormally large size and exceptional taste characteristics, making it one of the best coffees in the world.

For us, it is the perfect example of the evolution of the coffee industry over the past decade. From a basic commodity shrouded in secrecy and mystique, coffee production is now on a path towards transparency, collaboration, equity, and quality. In this dynamic, we understand the botanical varieties, as well as the processing, roasting, and brewing.

From the farmer to the barista, every touch of expert and artisanal human hands impacts the taste of the cup you drink, which is why we aim to bring you a product with a traceable ethical supply chain and a flavor that reflects the care of many human beings throughout its production.

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